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We Need to See God's Holiness

The following quote comes from David Wells' book, The Courage to Be Protestant:

Let us not mince words.  If we could see more clearly God in the full blaze of His burning purity, we would not be on easy terms with all the sins that now infect our souls and breed easy compromises with the spirit of the postmodern age.  This is what leads to the casual ways in which we live our lives with their blatantly wrong priorities.  If we could see this more clearly, the church would be filled with much more repentance and, in consequence, much more joy, and much more authenticity.

The Enemy: Pragmatism

The following sobering comparison between what a pastor should be and what he often is in most churches comes from the book, The Courage to Be Protestant, by David F. Wells.

Across much of evangelicalism, but especially in the market-driven churches, one therefore sees a new kind of leadership among pastors now.  Gone is the older model of scholar-saint, one who was as comfortable with books and learning as with the aches of the soul.  This was the shepherd who knew the flock, knew how to tend it, and Sunday by Sunday took that flock into the treasures of God's Word.  This has changed.  In its place is the new "celebrity" style.  What we typically see now, Nancy Pearcy suggests, is the leader who works by manipulating the feelings of the audience, enhancing his own image with personal anecdotes, modeling himself after the CEO, and adopting a domineering management style.  He (usually) is completely results-oriented, pragmatic, happy to employ any technique from the secular world that will produce the desired results.  And this leader has to be magnetic, entertaining, and light on the screen up front.