"My God wouldn't do such a thing!  He loves everybody equally!" "I just can't believe that!  That's not fair!"

These exact phrases have been spoken by Christians in response to the biblical teaching of God's unconditional election (Ephesians 1:3-14, Acts 13:48, John 6:37,44, et.al.) and in response to the biblical teaching that God gifts individual Christians with differing amounts of faith and gifts (Romans 12:3-8).  What lies at the heart of these complaints is the idea that God must treat all human beings equally or else He is not a good God.

Strangely enough, this same sentiment does not rear its ugly head when the Bible presents us with a human story of unbalanced blessings.  For example, no one seems to have any problem with Joseph's lack of "fairness" in Genesis 43 and 45 when he gives his younger brother Benjamin a portion of food at dinner that is five times greater than what his older brothers receive, or when he gives Benjamin five changes of clothes and 300 shekels of silver and the older brothers receive no silver and only one change of clothes.  In fact, if you were to ask the same people making the complaints above whether or not Joseph had the right to do this, they would say, "Of course he does!"  Why is that?

The reasons behind Joseph's right to give unequal treatment are that 1) he is the owner of the goods being distributed, and therefore he can do with them whatever he likes; 2) he has all the power in Egypt and his brothers have none, so he has every right to do whatever he wants concerning them and they have no legal right to demand otherwise; and 3) Joseph is the one who has been wronged by the brothers - they sold him into slavery and are now literally at his mercy.

In other words, the reasons why someone would believe that Joseph had every right to give any sort of unequal treatment that he wanted are the exact same reasons that ought to lead us to understand that God has that same right.  He is the Creator and thus the owner of every single particle in this universe (or any other).  You are made up of His stuff.  You breathe His air, walk on His earth, eat His produce, and on and on we could go.  Also, He has all power and authority in the universe.  This comes from the fact that He created it, but also because He is the greatest and most powerful of all beings.  We literally have no legal right to appeal any of His decisions.  He is the absolute Sovereign King and we are nothing (Isaiah 40:17).  Lastly, He has been wronged by man.  From the very beginning, He gave His Law (which He as Sovereign Master had every right to give, and which man as lowly creature had every obligation to obey) and man broke it.  And from that point on, all human beings have been steeped in sin - disobedience to the Law of God.  Therefore, man is at every moment living completely on God's mercy, without any hope in himself.

So when someone complains that the biblical doctrine of election or the biblical teaching of unequal gifts is unfair, then what is really happening is that such a person has forfeited one of the points above.  Either that person does not believe that God owns everything, does not believe that God has all authority, or does not believe that man has wronged God in some way.  Because the proper response of one who has wronged the Almighty Creator and Ruler of the universe is absolute submission to anything He desires to do.  We must leave the heretical idea of entitlement in hell where it belongs.

Are you a Christian?  Then rejoice that your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life from the foundation of the earth (Luke 10:20, Revelation 13:8).  It's okay to thank and praise God for choosing to save a "wretch like me".  That kind of praise leaves all boasting at the door, because you're thanking God for what He did, not what you did.  He doesn't save us because we're worthy of it - far from it - He saves us because He wants to.  His reasons are His own.  And He gifts us to fulfill the role that He has designed for us.  And far from being jealous, we ought to learn to rejoice with those that God has chosen to bless more than us, because they are just as unworthy of those blessings as we are, and so we rejoice at what God is doing through them because it is Hiswork.